UM Central Institutional Review Board (UM CIRB)

UM Central Institutional Review Board (UM CIRB)


The UM Central Institutional Review Board (UM CIRB) is designed to help investigators conduct multi-site research and to comply with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) policy for single IRB review of multi-site studies which involve non-exempt human subjects research funded by the NIH.

NIH’s single IRB policy intends to reduce administrative obligations and inefficiencies in the multi-site review process, while providing proper protection for human subjects. The UM CIRB can fulfill all IRB review requirements for sites participating in multi-site research.

As with the other IRBs that UM operates, human subject research conducted under the oversight of the UM CIRB must meet high ethical and scientific standards. The Common Rule and FDA regulations provide for Central IRBs and other cooperative IRB review arrangements and provide the regulations under which we operate (45 CFR Part 46.114 & 21 CFR Part 56).

NIH has provided specific guidance regarding multi-site research under a single IRB, available here.

Who We Are

The UM CIRB consists of a dedicated and experienced regulatory team equipped to facilitate the review process for multi-site research and offer support to investigators and institutions.

What We Do

UM CIRB aims to do the following:

  • Enhance the quality of human subject protection in multi-site research by performing appropriate ethical and scientific review.
  • Ensure the resolution of any local context issues.
  • Assist UM investigators conducting or involved in multi-site research.
  • Facilitate the efficiency of reviews across participating sites.

Who We Serve

The UM Central IRB mainly reviews multi-site research studies. These studies are generally NIH funded, but investigators may also request to use UM CIRB for non-federally-funded, multi-site studies.

UM investigators interested in working with UM CIRB for their NIH-funded multi-site research should contact Evelyne Bital at 305-243-9977 or via email at for more information.