Announcements : Human Subject Research Office Has a New Address

11/17/2014: Human Subject Research Office Has a New Address

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the move to our new location in Dominion Towers. Effective immediately, our new physical mailing address is:

University of Miami
Human Subject Research Office (M809)
P.O. Box 016960, Miami, FL 33101
1400 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 1200A, Miami, FL 33136

Any mail sent to the old HSRO address will be forwarded to the new address.

Investigators and their research staff are responsible for ensuring that the modified Form B is used with all new studies submitted on or after November 10, 2014 requiring HIPAA authorization from subjects. Please make sure to note that the form reflecting the new HSRO address is also to be used for new enrollment in previously submitted and previously approved studies. However, already enrolled subjects who have previously provided an authorization should not be asked to sign the new authorization. Investigators are instructed to submit a modification to update the authorization forms as appropriate.