Online Resources : Consent Templates

Consent Templates

Medical Sciences

NOTE: Investigators may use sponsor-provided ICFs. However, these must be submitted to the IRB as a Microsoft Word document and must incorporate the JHS Footer Template or UHealth Footer Template if the study will take place at clinical care facilities that are part of either of these systems.

Recording or Photographing Subjects

Genetics Consent Templates & Guidelines

For more information concerning genetics consent and guidelines, please visit the UM Ethics Programs web site.

HIV Testing as part of Screening Procedures

Observation of Pregnant Partners of Subjects for Outcome Data

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)

“Short Form” Written Consent Forms

NOTE: Use of “Short Form” Written Consent Forms in a study for oral translation of English consent forms must be approved by the IRB on a case-by-case basis. An English version of the Short Form Written Consent Form is available for your reference by clicking the embedded link in this paragraph